Cortney Lowinski

Regional Training Manager

Cortney joined the Bottleneck Management Training and Development department in late 2015, having previously played a key part in the training team for the monumental task of opening our first out of state location in Gaithersburg in March of that year. Cortney had also been a server with Howells & Hood since the opening of that restaurant in March 2013, and her experience in the high-pressure, large group envirnments made her a great fit for future opening plans.

Cortney also has a love of teaching, having a long history of teaching creativity, writing, and theater around Chicago with classes of all ages and backgrounds, whilst also working a variety of jobs in the hospitality industry over the last 20 years, such as server, bartender, event captain, and trainer.

Prior to the hospitality industry, Cortney earned her BA from Loyola in Theater, and her MA from the University of Essex in Performance, and aims to bring her knowledge of people and communication to a new area within Bottleneck's staff development initiatives.

Being active is also something that Cortney has drive for, and she prefers specific pursuits rather than typical TV sports; she summarizes "I will go white water rafting, and go on zip lines, but I cannot play baseball to save my life."