Project Category: Ownership

Nathan Hilding

Nathan Hilding Owner As a co-owner, Nathan Hilding’s responsibilities include site acquisition, concept development, business licensing, and oversight of Bottleneck’s accounting and marketing departments. His keen eye for detail and accuracy make him a natural to oversee the accounting side of the business, but his true value comes to light when he steps away from […]

Chris Bisaillon

Chris Bisaillon Owner As a co-owner Chris Bisaillon’s main areas of responsibility include Site Acquisition, Private Placement Offerings, Investor Relations and leading many of Bottleneck Management’s professional relationships. His work ethic is unparalleled and when coupled with his true passion for the business he proves to be a tireless leader providing direction for all areas […]

Jason Akemann

Jason Akemann Owner As a co-owner Jason Akemann’s main areas of responsibility include new site acquisition, new site design and construction management. Jason’s relentless passion, eye for detail and vast industry experience make him an authority on matters related to Bottleneck’s overall design and aesthetic. As a founding partner, his leadership and direction since 2001 has […]