Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

Some gadgets just make life easier. Chef Zach Van Gaasbeek, Bottleneck’s VP of Culinary Operations, tells us about the must-have kitchen gadgets he has at home.


Immersion Blender

This handheld blender is a quick and easy way to puree soups, sauces, or even smoothies. It allows you to blend right in your pot and helps avoid having to clean additional equipment.


Japanese Mandoline

This tool will help you to quickly and easily slice fruits and vegetables into consistently sized pieces. It simply does things no knife could do.


Multipurpose Scraper and Chopper

These are great for cutting dough, chopping vegetables, and sectioning crusts.  Scrapers help to clean your workspace quickly and efficiently by scraping any product away.


Silicone Whisk
Silicone Whisk

As opposed to the wire version, these whisks are softer and enable you to whisk in almost any vessel.  You can whisk eggs directly in a non-stick pan without harming the pan.


Vegetable Chopper/Dicer

Similar to the Japanese mandoline, these choppers will also quickly and easily slice fruits and vegetables into consistently sized pieces.  You can choose blades from ¼ inch to ¾ inch, cutting down on the prep time for most recipes.


City Work's Top Sirlon Steak
Digital Thermometer (Waterproof)

This is essential to ensure that your food is cooked to the proper temperature.  These instant-read thermometers display the temperature of the food quickly and accurately, which helps you never worry if you’re going to over or undercook your steak again.

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