I was eating some dark chocolate the other day, and was thinking about how much I enjoy it. Then I started thinking about how even though I am in my thirties, I still have a sweet tooth… and the taste buds of a child. My favorite drink is chocolate milk (non-alcoholic, anyway), and I love candy.  Point being, that got me thinking about combining those flavors with a more “adult appropriate” taste I love… craft beer.

I’ve read about beer and food pairings, but I hadn’t come across anything specifically on beer and dessert pairing. That is, until our friends at Shari’s Berries were kind enough to share their chart. Behold, your answer to your sweet tooth/adult beverage cravings.  But before you jump in, keep this dessert pairing tip in mind that we learned from @seriouseats:

“Be sure that the beer you choose is as sweet as—or more sweet than—its accompanying dessert to avoid disastrous taste interactions.”

You’ll be the hit of your next party by following the beer and dessert pairing guide below.  And as adults, isn’t that our goal? Off to find my next porter I can pair with dark chocolate covered strawberries!


Beer and Dessert Pairing Guide

Looking to pair something with a new favorite beer? Start on the left of the chart and follow the options to a perfect dessert pairing. Already have a dessert planned and would like a perfect craft beer accompaniment? Start on the right side of the chart and follow the paths back to the style of beer most suited to your sweet dish. Enjoy!

beer and dessert pairing guide
Chart from our friends @ berries.com

~Angela Zoiss