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Beer and Food Pairing has become a science. With more and more sub-categories of craft beer, and more dominant flavor profiles being discovered and enhanced all the time, pairing food with craft beer has become very difficult at times.

In our last blog post on Craft Beer Food Pairings, we approached what kinds of beer to pair with certain classic dishes. This time, we take the angle of starting with a certain beer style and looking for food pairings to complement those flavors. Here we use a chart as a visual guide to help you navigate your next beer dinner, or simply to help you pair a great craft beer with your next meal.

(original info from Wegmans)

Beer and Food Pairing Chart

Belgian Witbier
21711_beer_ales_belgian Unfiltered with orange, citrus and coriander aromas Complements salads with light citrus dressings and feta or goat cheese as well as ceviches and other light, citrus-flavored dishes
Blonde Ale/Cream Ale
21711_beer_ales_blond Smooth malty sweetness and balanced bitterness Pairs perfectly with sweet, hot, or spicy foods including many Asian dishes, chili, mango or jalapeño salsa
Light Lager
21711_beer_lager_light Most popular style worldwide. Very refreshing & thirst-quenching Complements lemongrass, ginger, garlic, cilantro and similar flavors; adds depth to light dishes such as spring rolls and salads
21711_beer_lager_pilsner Pronounced hops aroma and bitterness with a refreshing finish Works well with salmon, tuna & other high-fat, oily fish and with marbled meats; bitterness offers pleasing contrast with sweet reductions and sauces
21711_beer_ales_hefe Unfiltered with unique clove and banana aromas Classically paired with weisswurst (white sausage); contrasts with pungent, intense aromatics such as mustard flavors, pickles, horseradish and cured meats
American Wheat Ale
21711_beer_ales_american Very refreshing, slightly tart flavor with subtle citrus aroma Complements the lighter elements of foods like seared scallops and oil-cooked garlic shrimp, while adding a refreshing flavor contrast
American Pale Lager
21711_beer_lager_american Balance of hops and malt with crisp, dry finish Offers the perfect contrast to Thai, Pan-Asian, Latino Fusion, Mexican, Peruvian and other spicy cuisines
Pale Ale
21711_beer_ales_pale Malty sweetness balanced by hoppy bitterness Hops bitterness contrasts with spicy, heat-charred, smoky, or aromatic flavors such as those in Stilton and blue cheese
21711_beer_ales_indiapale Increased maltiness with prominent hoppy aroma & flavor Complements intensely flavorful, highly spiced dishes, such as curry, and bold, sweet desserts like flourless chocolate cake and crème brulée
Amber Lager
21711_beer_lager_amber Roasted, malty sweetness with well-balanced, dry bitterness Sweetness pairs well with sundried tomato reduction sauces; balanced hopping complements foods flavored with basil and oregano
Märzen Oktoberfest
21711_beer_lager_marzen Mildly hopped with complex malt character Caramelization of malts complements that of char-grilled and seared meats or hearty, spicy Mexican dishes
Amber Ale
21711_beer_ales_amber Sweet caramel notes and citrusy aromas with smooth finish Complements rich, aromatic, spicy and smoked foods such as chili, BBQ ribs, grilled chicken, and beef
21711_beer_lager_bock Rich, sweet caramels and warm, toasty flavors Rich sweetness balances strong spice components & intense flavors of Cajun, jerk, slow-roasted and seared foods
Brown Ale
21711_beer_ales_brown Malty flavor balanced with hints of caramel and chocolate Pairs well with roasted pork, smoked sausage and hearty foods; complements the nutty flavors of chicken satay, cashew chicken, pecan pie and peanut sauces
21711_beer_ales_lambic Crisp, dry and cidery with a subtle sour flavor Can complement light, fruity dishes; best served as a companion with after-meal foods like desserts featuring fruit or dark chocolate
Barley Wine
21711_beer_ales_barley Strong natural sweetness with a slight hoppy bitterness Strength of flavor often overpowers main dishes; better suited as a complement with strong cheeses or rich, sweet chocolate and caramel desserts.
21711_beer_ales_porter Roasted flavor complemented by nutty and toffee characteristics Works well with smoked meats, especially bacon; complements chocolate-, espresso- and coffee-flavored desserts and soft, creamy cheeses
21711_beer_ales_stout Prevalent chocolate and coffee flavors Highlights the nuttiness and braised, caramelized integrity of dishes with brown, savory sauces; complements silky, salty foods like oysters on the half shell
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Happy Beer and Food Pairing!

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