Beer and Chip Pairing: Next Level Game Watch Snacking

We’ve shared some fundamentals of beer and food pairings, along with some suggestions for the perfect holiday food-beer combinations and a handy chart for pairing beer with desserts. What else is there?

Well, we found a great infographic from the good people at VinePair which features various styles of beer and chip pairing!

Taking the aroma and flavor profiles of the major beer styles into account, each one is paired with a popular chip style, and the descriptions and advice are enough to get us salivating and ready to march to the store to stock up on a range of snack flavors. Classic Pale Ale? Try Salt and Pepper chips to bite through the hoppiness. A nice thick heavy porter? Partner it with some barbecue chips in order to bring out the smokiness and sweetness.

So read on, and save this infographic for future reference; you could be the star of your next party or bring a surprising level of depth to your next game watch with these potato chips and beer pairings. Enjoy!

food and beer pairings infographic - potato chips