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Meet The Team: Erin Carroll ›

An occasional series where we meet the team and unearth a few fun facts about our Bottleneck family. Next up: Erin Carroll.

Most Popular Beer in Chicago by Neighborhood ›

The Most Popular Beer styles in Chicago in one interactive map. The data comes from a year’s worth of sales from bars, restaurants, liquor stores and anywhere else beer is sold.

Illinois Happy Hour Laws To Change? ›

Illinois Happy Hour Laws To Change? After 26 years, a recent Senate Bill regarding happy hour food and drink promotion is about to be sent to Governor Rauner for review.

Follow The Ingredient: Ramps ›

GM Andrew Macker and Executive Chef Brett Neubauer embark on another seasonal challenge in Follow The Ingredient: Ramps.

Teamwork in the Workplace ›

Many of us at Bottleneck grew up playing sports and have had the value of teamwork instilled in us from an early age. You too may have learned the importance of teamwork from sports or a band or theatre group, or maybe you’ve experienced teamwork in the workplace, and seen the importance of having everyone swimming in the same direction towards a common goal.

What is Beer? [Beer 101 Series] ›

What is beer? A simple question, and one that we decided to break down to explain what beer is made of. This introduction to beer is part of our Beer 101 Series.

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Bottleneck Management is a restaurant group based in Chicago.

The Bottleneck Blog shares news and trends on the hospitality industry, craft beer, food, company culture, and restaurant management.


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