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What is Beer? [Beer 101 Series] ›

What is beer? A simple question, and one that we decided to break down to explain what beer is made of. This introduction to beer is part of our Beer 101 Series.

Meet The Team: Kristin Albert ›

An occasional series where we meet the team and unearth a few fun facts about our Bottleneck family. Next up: Kristin Albert.

Pour House Concept: Atmosphere, Design, and Beer Program ›

Just over one month old, Old Town Pour House Gaithersburg has already grown into a great example of what our Pour House concept can be…

Beer Tapping: An Introduction ›

We’ve hosted many beer tapping events in the past, but for any newcomers; what does ‘beer tapping’ actually mean? Here’s a brief introduction.

Old Town Pour House Gaithersburg: by the numbers ›

Old Town Pour House Gaithersburg opens today! Here are some of the important stats of our new Gaithersburg Pour House…

How to Pour a Beer [video] ›

How to Pour a Beer. Seems simple, but there are some steps you should take into consideration when pouring a beer from wither a draft system or a can/bottle.

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