What It’s Like Working in a Restaurant: Restaurant Job Skills and Tips

If you’re curious about what it’s like working in a restaurant, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled restaurant resume skills and job tips to aid you in finding a restaurant job. Our talented staff shared some of the things they enjoy about working in Bottleneck Management restaurants. Read on for what to expect when working in a restaurant, and restaurant resume tips.

Tips For Working in a Restaurant

Whether you’re working as a server, a hostess, or in a back of house position, there are some universal restaurant job skills that will benefit any restaurant worker. Being able to work with a team, having a positive attitude, and quickly solving problems will keep restaurant guests—and you—happy.

Patience, multi-tasking, cleanliness, attention to detail, and physical endurance are all skills you will learn on the job, but there are some resume-boosters that will help you if you want to work in a restaurant. 7Shifts, a restaurant manager scheduling and communication platform, shares some hard skills that would be beneficial to restaurant workers. Learning health and allergen safety, meal prep, cooking skills, and taste profiling are all recommended. Staying up-to-date with the latest restaurant and hospitality technology and tools is important as well, as technology is playing more of a role in the way restaurants are run.

What It’s Like Working in Bottleneck Management Restaurants

All the coworkers, we have a very close group. This is pretty much like my second home. I spend a lot of time here. I enjoy working with my teammates. If they need something, I just go ask them, I jump in and help them out. Same thing for me. We’re like a team; we’re like a family.” – Luis Urbano, Server, Sweetwater Tavern & Grille 

Training has become my favorite. Before they made me a trainer, I was working on trying to be a culinary teacher. There are lots of culinary programs around and I was looking to pass my knowledge on that way, but then when Bottleneck made me a trainer and talked about opening 6 or 8 new places in the next year or so I thought that’s really great for me to do. I get to see other parts of the country and pass on my knowledge.” – Bruce Boches, Prep Cook and BOH Trainer, City Works

“My favorite part [of working here] is the staff. If we’re working 40+ hours a week, you see more of the staff than you do your own family. We take care of one another in certain times of need.” – Greg Ellis, Line Cook, Old Town Pour House 

I’m happy in my position. The chefs trust me in the kitchen, and I take care of the kitchen. Bottleneck is an amazing company, how could I complain about that?” – Juan Hernandez, Support, Old Town Pour House 

Restaurant Manager Training

I’ve been with Bottleneck for a little over two years. I started as a server at Old Town Pour House in Oak Brook, then I entered the Red Shirt program, where I became a certified trainer. I did some support as well. I would do food running, and then I started to bartend, and then I did the opening for City Works in Schaumburg, and I’ve been bartending and Red Shirting over in Schaumburg.” – Melissa Ruby, Bartender and Red Shirt, City Works

Leadership and career development is an important part of our company culture. Bottleneck Management Restaurant Group’s Red Shirt training program allows employees to learn restaurant job skills and advance their careers within our restaurants and beyond. Our Red Shirt program teaches employees how to be restaurant managers, learning restaurant job skills that can help them rise all the way to the position of director of operations or regional chefs at our restaurants. We value our staff and know the benefits of promoting from within. Whether an employee sees their restaurant job as a stepping stone, or a career path, we’re here to help them achieve their goals. Many of our managers have been promoted from within. Our Red Shirt program is a way for our team members to grow as industry professionals.We’re always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team.