Insider Tips for Lollapalooza

Heading to Lollapalooza this weekend? We’ve compiled a list of tips for you, based on years of attending. These tips represent the inside scoop…the knowledge you WISH you had, even though you may not know that yet. These tips will help everyone from the rookie Lolla attendee to seasoned vets that may need reminders. We hope they help, and wish everyone a FUN and safe Lolla weekend!


  • Expect it to be sunny. Really sunny! Bring sunscreen, or wear some to the fest if you don’t want to carry it. Sunburn makes for a miserable experience.
  • Expect that it will rain! Even if the forecast doesn’t call for it…expect it! Which leads us right into tips on what to wear…


  • Wear shoes that you don’t care about ruining. Mud and Lollapalooza go hand in hand. It’s no Woodstock, but it can come close. We suggest leaving your favorite kicks at home, no matter how cool they are.
  • Close-toed shoes will be helpful too. Whether it rains or not, people spill beer everywhere, you’ll have to deal with port-o-potties, you’ll be walking a lot…so trust us, flip-flops aren’t the best call.

What to Bring

  • Water bottles. Lolla allows water bottles (sealed) into the fest. Hydration is key, and while we prefer beer, water always comes up big at just the right time.
  • Hand sanitizer. The port-o-potties always run out and there are plenty of germs floating around, so why not take care of the ones on your hands?
  • A fully charged phone! Your battery will be sucked dry pretty quickly with all the text messages that will be flying around as you try & coordinate with friends. Speaking of phones, download the Lollapalooza app, it’s wonderful. Complete with full map & schedule, amongst other useful features.
  • A PLASTIC BAGGIE! We can’t stress this one enough. We won’t go without one. If it rains (and it will), this is a safe haven for your phone (and other electronics)! Seal it up and you’ll be worry free.
  • A backpack. Being hands-free is unbeatable.
  • If you are meeting up with people, it’s clever to bring something like a kite so you can be spotted easily.
  • Tickets/wristbands – don’t forget
  • I.D. This one goes without saying…but we said it anyway.

These tips should help ensure enjoyment and comfort. We hope they’re helpful for you. Now get out there and ENJOY!

We’ll see you there…or at Sweetwater before or after the show!