Follow these four steps for the perfect pint of Guinness.

Learning how to pour the perfect Guinness on tap is a much-appreciated skill in the bar and restaurant industry. Follow this detailed advice and you can become a pour master and present a beautiful beer to your guests in no time.

How To Pour The Perfect Guinness in Four Steps

Step One: The Glassware

Guinness is an Irish stout with low alcohol by volume (ABV) and should be served in a 20 oz. Imperial pint, most commonly the English pub glass. The glassware should be checked to make sure it is clean and dry.

Step Two: The Pour

The pour begins with the glass held at 45 degrees so that the beer can flow onto the side of the glass. For this step of the pour, the tap handle is pulled forward, fully opening the tap. When the glass is 3/4 full, release the tap handle and place the beer upright on the bar.

Step Three: The Settle

Also known as ‘The Surge,” this step is often overlooked and can spoil the pouring process if missed. Place the beer on the bar, and let theĀ beer settle for around two minutes. Do not touch it! A true Guinness fan will savor the time it takes for the beer to cascade as the gases regulate. Guinness says this time should be a scientifically precise 119.5 seconds; probably a little too precise to time in a crowded bar but we admire their specificity!

Step Four: The Top-Up

To pour the remaining portion of the beer, hold the glass straight underneath the beer tap, and now push the handle forward for more control. As the glass fills, you should aim so that it sits slightly above the lip of the glass, resulting in the perfect ‘domed’ head.


For the finishing touch, present the beer to the guest so that they can enjoy the tradition of watching the perfect pint come to settle in frontĀ of them. Guinness fans love the display of this skill, and will be very happy to see you follow the above steps to pour a Guinness properly.


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