Holiday Hangover Home Remedies [Infographic]

The Bottleneck Team weighs in on how to cure a hangover, fast.

We’ve all been there. You did your best to turn down those Johnny Walker shots your crazy uncle force-feeds you every Christmas Eve, and you physically tried to dodge the champagne showers in the bar when that New Year’s Eve ball dropped; but alas, it was no use. You gave in to the peer pressure, threw ‘em back like it was your 21st birthday, and now you’re stuck in that hangover fog, desperate for empathy, and pledging to give up your first-born child if only something will help you stop the incessant pounding in your head.

Grandma’s special spiked eggnog – 1. You – 0.

Yes, the hangover feels are all too real, but fear not, my friends: we surveyed our Bottleneck Management team and compiled a list of battle-tested hangover home remedies to share with all those who choose to once again challenge the hangover gods and zealously indulge in that holiday hooch.

When asked, “what is your best hangover cure?” here’s how this band of tipple experts responded:

Hangover Home Remedies

Some still swear by the ‘ol college trick to keep drinking…

Jordan: “I go with the trifecta: water, coffee, and a Bloody Mary.”

Chef Eric: “5-Hour Energy and a shot of whiskey, or whatever was still in your hand when you fell asleep.”

Bart: “Umm, Scotch.”

And some take that a step further and pair the booze with a cheat meal…

Trevor: “Greasy brunch and a cold Bud Light.”

Cassie: “I go greasy food and mimosas, for sure.”

Chef Paul: “Chilaquiles and a beer.”

Need some extra motivation to get in the gym?

Chris: “Exercise. Gotta sweat out the booze.”

Someone should let Gatorade know they have an untapped market…

Kristin: “Mine’s always Gatorade, Gatorade for sure.”

Erin: “Gatorade and Advil… and being young.”

Nate: “I always reach for Saltine crackers and an orange Gatorade.”

Mike: “Lil Debbie’s Pecan Rolls and a grape Gatorade. Gotta eat all eight of those rolls, though.”

And apparently so does McDonald’s…

Emma: “McDonald’s French fries. Perfectly greasy and soaks up the booze.”

Lindsay: “Double cheeseburger and fries from McDonald’s, a Diet Coke, and an Advil.”

If you have the time, a good old fashioned nap seems to work…

Lizzie: “Definitely Portillo’s and my bed. Hands down.”

Maddie: “I sleep in as long as I can and chug water, even if it hurts. Also can’t go wrong with getting some fresh air.”

Whether it’s in ya or on ya, water still does the trick…

Danyele: “No matter how big the buzz, I always make sure to chug as much water as I can stomach before bed. Wake up, chug some more water, pop an Aleve, and top it off with a chilly mimosa.”

Lee: “Espresso, lots of water, an Advil and fresh air.”

Chef Derek: “Aspirin and water before bed.”

Angela: “For me, it’s a shower. I literally have to wash it off of me.”

Advice from the self-proclaimed industry vet…

Michael: “I get a bacon cheeseburger with an egg, a Diet Coke with crushed ice, and three Advil. It works. Trust me, I’ve been around the block a few times.”

And if you’ve exhausted every other method, there’s always this one…

Maggie: “Sushi. Isn’t that terrible? It’s unusual but I like sushi when I’m hungover.”

So there we have it, straight from the mouths of those who have stared that holiday hangover in the hauntingly pale face and won. Now before you end up spending the first day of 2016 glued to your couch vowing to never consume another alcoholic beverage, try some of these helpful hangover-busting nuggets and cheers to being hangover-free in 2016!

Happy holidays and drink responsibly, my friends.

Think we missed something? Comment below and let us know what some of your favorite hangover cures are.