Football Sunday: Tips to Ensure a Proper “Sunday Funday”

Sunday during Football season = Sunday Funday. Let’s face it, baseball may have been America’s pastime way back in the 20th Century, but living in the age of satellite TV, fantasy football, and smartphones, it is the NFL that dominates the American sporting landscape today.

In fact, 10 of the top 20 “most watched” events in the history of television are Super Bowls! So when you are looking to get together with some friends on football Sunday, there are some things you should know before you decide where you will spend your time and money.

Sunday Funday Sports Crowd at Old Town Pour House

Know Your Venue and Pick The One That is Right For You

Deciding where to go is often the most difficult choice on football Sunday, but it’s critical to ensuring a Sunday Funday…

Loud or quiet? Dive bar or flashy and new? Jerseys or no jerseys? Sound for the game or music?

These are just a few of the decisions that need to be contemplated before choosing where you want to be. Be sure to pick one that is right for the type of day you are looking to have. Nothing is worse than being “that guy” in the Cutler jersey asking the bartender if he can “pretty please put the sound on for the game,” while everyone else in the joint couldn’t care less.

To Drink, or Not To Drink? That is The Question

Sunday Funday: The Churchill Bloody Mary

Drinking on football Sunday is an art. Too slow and it’s boring, too fast and you spiral out of control; If paced correctly, it can be the best time ever. The best way to ensure proper pacing is to deviate slightly from your normal routine. Bloody Mary’s are perfect for this, as they naturally lend themselves to two things: paced drinking and moving on to something else once you get a couple in ya! Find a place that does a great Bloody, like the Churchill at Old Town Pour House (Brunch Menu), or a place that has a fantastic Bloody Mary bar like The Boundary, so you can make your own version of greatness.

Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies…

Choosing who you spend your time with in the final hours of the weekend may just be the most important step of all. You can be in the best spot in the city with a perfect table, but it doesn’t matter if you are surrounded by people who are not on the same page.

Be sure to consider all things before sending out that mass text on football Sunday saying, “Sunday Funday anyone?” Because if you take the time to choose the venue properly, pace yourself, and surround yourself with good people, there is a pretty good chance you will close out the weekend as well as you started it!