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Join General Manager Andrew Macker and Executive Chef Brett Neubauer as they create two brand new blood orange recipes in a new ‘behind the scenes’ video series from Howells & Hood: Follow The Ingredient.

Learn how to make a blood orange cocktail, and see how Chef works the seasonal fruit into his dish in multiple ways.

Follow The Ingredient: Blood Orange

Andrew and Brett chose blood oranges as their seasonal ingredient because right now (January) is the best time for the fruit – the longer the fruit stays on the branch, and the colder the weather gets, the better the fruit. The winter citrus has the balance of sweetness like many oranges, but also offers bitterness and sour notes a bit like a lemon. This flavor profile makes it exciting to work with, both in the kitchen for a dish, and for a blood orange cocktail.

Follow The Ingredient intends to offer a behind the scenes look at how seasonal recipes are created, from the initial coming of season of the ingredient, to figuring how to use as much of a product with minimal waste, aiding in recipe creation by challenging the talents of chefs and mixologists, while reducing the waste of a restaurant or bar.

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