Kristin Albert

Director of Operations

Kristin joined Bottleneck in 2009 as part of the opening management team for Sweetwater. One year later she spearheaded the South Branch opening and was named the General Manager shortly thereafter.

In her current role as Director of Operations, Kristin looks forward to synergizing her uniquely diverse combination of corporate training and practical expertise into a cohesive set of standards and operations that can be applied company-wide. Her dedication to absolute guest satisfaction is surpassed only by her desire to develop managers and staff members for future opportunities as the company grows.


Kristin holds a degree from the University of Iowa with a BA in Communications and Psychology. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, with several years of corporate hospitality industry experience. After multiple restaurant openings with the Olive Garden and The Cheesecake Factory, Kristin decided to enter the realm of restaurant management with the CCF in 2006. Kristin was a Senior Manager for high volume Cheesecake Factory restaurants in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas markets before deciding to apply her knowledge and skills to the burgeoning Bottleneck family in Chicago.

Outside of work

When not working, Kristin spends her time with her beautiful daughter Catie and her husband, here in Chicago. She’s a marathoner that, come football season, will be cheering the Iowa Hawkeyes on until the very end. You’ll find her identical twin sister next to her all the while, currently as Event Coordinator of City Works in Frisco.