Health & Safety; COVID-19

Updated 10/30/20:

Our Illinois restaurants are temporarily closing in the face of new restrictions placed on indoor dining. Unfortunately, we just cannot sustain on takeout and delivery alone. We do hope to reopen again soon and intend to do that as soon as the restrictions lift.

Below is a list of our Illinois restaurants, and their temporary closing dates.

Closed as of (open for business the day/night prior):

Oct 30th: Sweetwater, South Branch, and Old Town Pour House in Chicago
Nov 2: Old Town Pour House in Naperville and City Works in Vernon Hills, Wheeling, and Schaumburg 

Old Town Pour House in Oak Brook has a heated tent on the patio and will operate through November 15th as of now, taking patio reservations and offering takeout and delivery.

Our other restaurants around the country remain open:

City Works – King of Prussia, PA
City Works – Pittsburgh, PA
City Works – Frisco, TX
City Works – Fort Worth, TX
City Works – Watertown, MA
City Works – Disney Springs, FL
Old Town Pour House – Gaithersburg, MD

Safety Precautions

When you return we’ve got plenty of new procedures in place to keep you safe.

  • Hand washing every 20-30 minutes
  • Hand sanitizer available throughout the restaurant
  • Masks for every team member
  • Scheduled sanitizing of all shared surfaces every 30 minutes
  • We’ve created a Shift Safety Manager position to ensure protocols are being followed
  • We’ve limited physical contact and touchpoints
  • We’re seating under proper social distancing guidelines

Looking forward to welcoming everyone in again soon!


Reopening Schedule

It’s here, our reopening schedule for our restaurants nationwide! In most locations, we will open with seating both inside and outside.

  • June 10th: City Works in Disney Springs, FL (now open)
  • June 24th: City Works in Pittsburgh, PA
  • July 1st: City Works in Vernon Hills & Schaumburg IL, Old Town Pour House in Naperville & Oak Brook IL 
  • July 8th: Sweetwater, South Branch, Old Town Pour House in Chicago, IL & Gaithersburg, MD and City Works in Wheeling, IL & King of Prussia, PA
  • July 15th: City Works in Fort Worth & Frisco, TX 
  • July 22nd: City Works in Watertown, MA (grand opening)

We are accepting limited reservations for groups of 6 or less via Open Table. We encourage you to find your favorite location here and make a reservation from that restaurant’s home page. If you can’t find a reservation at your preferred day or time, you may call the restaurant once we reopen for real-time information. If you have a group larger than 10, please fill out a private party form. We cannot promise outdoor seating, though we will do our very best to accommodate any requests. Once we reopen we will also allow walk-ins, so if you can’t get a reservation, not to worry. If you have any other questions, you can contact us here.


Updated 6/8/2020:

Restaurant Reopenings

“When are you going to reopen?!” It’s a question we’ve been fielding a lot, so we want to answer as best we can right now.

For our restaurants across the country, from Illinois to Texas, we need to be allowed 50-75% seating capacity inside as well as outside before we can reopen. That said, there are some markets where this is possible and we’re happy to announce the following dates!

  • City Works in Disney Springs, FL: Wednesday, June 10th.
  • City Works in Pittsburgh, PA: We’re tentatively aiming for Wednesday, June 24th.

We are hopeful that the majority of our restaurants will see reopening dates in late June and mid-July, but we’re waiting for government mandates and logistics to be able to share a date at this time.

Will You Visit a Restaurant?

We’d love to know how you feel about dining in restaurants as the shelter-in-place bans lift. Please take 2 minutes to let us know by filling out this very brief survey. We appreciate your support and care more than you know. Thank you for your engagement.

Share Your Feedback


When you return we’ve got plenty of new procedures in place to keep you safe.

  • Hand washing every 20-30 minutes
  • Hand sanitizer available throughout the restaurant
  • Masks for every team member
  • Scheduled sanitizing of all shared surfaces every 30 minutes
  • We’ve created a Shift Safety Manager position to ensure protocols are being followed
  • We’ve limited physical contact and touchpoints
  • We’re seating under proper social distancing guidelines

Looking forward to welcoming everyone in again soon!

Updated, 3/27/2020:

In the history of our company, we’ve never seen a challenge like this. Our restaurant group has been forced to take drastic measures, including closing all restaurants and laying off a vast majority of our employees, either temporarily or permanently. These are our friends and colleagues. We’ve been to each other’s weddings, played with each other’s kids, covered each other’s shifts, worked doubles together, and raised countless glasses, in good times and bad.

Hospitality is what we live for. It’s been absolutely heartbreaking to lay off so much of our team. However, we feel confident that the steps we’re taking now are the very best things we can do for everyone in the Bottleneck family and the best we can do in pursuit of a collective and prosperous future.

Our Top Priority

Our top priority is to ensure our employees have a job to come back to. We’re applying for financial assistance, working with our lending partners, and doing everything else imaginable to ensure Bottleneck Management is operational on the other side of this crisis.

Some have asked why we don’t stay open and offer takeout and delivery. Quite simply, we’re not equipped to run a profitable business based exclusively on takeout. If we attempted to, we would put the future of our business at significant risk. Again, we’re fixated on preserving a healthy operation for all of our employees to return to.

Ongoing Support

While managing the fallout of this crisis and beginning to plan how we can make a swift and full recovery, we continue to explore ways to help our team; not just now, but in the future as well. In this time of immediate need, we’ve established a Go Fund Me page. Donations will be dispersed to our employees who need the most help during this coronavirus crisis. For every $500+ donation, a $500 gift card for Bottleneck restaurants will be awarded.

Your help and support at this time are appreciated more than you can imagine.

Go Fund Me

We don’t want the effort to stop there. We’ve been humbled by the magnitude of this pandemic and want to set ourselves up to be more helpful to our team in the long run. To that end, we’re creating an employee relief fund. This fund will be an ongoing internal effort for our organization, fed into in a number of ways. We envision voluntary payroll deductions for those who wish to contribute, proceeds from merchandise, donations and the like. While this will take time to implement properly, establishing this fund provides a long-term solution for future hardships, should our team members find themselves in need again.

Genuine Optimism

We will be back. Bruised and humbled, but we will be back.

Our industry will be changed forever by this. Bottleneck will be changed forever. But change can be a beautiful thing, and ultimately, a cause for celebration. While this will always be remembered as one of the darkest parts of our journey, we look forward to not just getting back to business, but to emerging from this as a community that’s closer, more grateful and more joyful than ever before.

To all who work with us, to all the guests we’ve served over two decades, we humbly salute you… and we will so cherish the opportunity to serve you again soon.

Updated, 3/16/2020:

Bottleneck Management cares deeply about the health and safety of our community and employees. Therefore, our restaurant group is taking aggressive measures to slow the transmission of COVID-19, deciding to temporarily close all of our restaurants nationwide through March 31st, including delivery and carry out.

This is a very fluid and ever-changing situation. We are closely following updates on the outbreak, as well as guidance and direction from health and government officials, and intend to re-open as soon as it is responsible to do so.

Large private events:

  • At this point, we intend to keep as many events booked after March as possible and will be evaluating this daily as new information comes in. There’s a chance we won’t see interruptions to your events booked later this year.
  • If we determine it prudent to cancel your event, we will reach out to you specifically. If that is the case, we won’t be charging any venue or cancelation fees. All money paid up to that point will be refunded.
  • If you decide to proactively postpone your event, please reach out as soon as possible so we can secure a future date.

I am sure you can imagine, as a restaurant group, we are facing difficulties and doing everything we can to make the best decisions for our employees and our guests. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time. We’ll keep you posted on necessary messaging while being mindful to avoid overwhelming your inbox.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


Our restaurant group has always been about genuine people, genuine hospitality, and focused on upholding top industry standards for guest service, cleanliness, food safety and the health and wellness of our employees and guests.

Given the concerns around coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to give you, our most valued guests, an update on the steps we are taking in our restaurants to ensure safety when dining with us. Additionally, we are closely monitoring the advice from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local health organizations.

• Effective immediately, we are sanitizing tables, chairs, menus and common touchpoints between each guest seating to ensure a clean environment.
• We have sent out an updated handwashing procedure via our training platform and are requiring all employees to refresh themselves on this training.
• Our managers are updating our teams on our policies daily to ensure we are reacting quickly as new information and best practices are provided.
• We are working with our distributors to ensure that all necessary cleaning and sanitizing materials are going to be available to us during this time of high demand and beyond.
• We have increased our health inspections from our third-party partner to help monitor, coach and evaluate proper sanitation procedures, along with additional coaching and development of employees.
• We have either canceled or modified events this upcoming week so that we can better manage and ensure that we are providing safe and responsible environments.
• We will be working closely with our cleaning crews over the next several weeks, adding additional layers of sanitizing to our nightly routine.

Current advice from public health authorities suggests that COVID-19 is not transmittable via food, however, we are:

• Ensuring the proper sanitation of surfaces, food handlers, and food preparation environments
• Ensuring all food is properly sealed in tamper-evident packaging

We encourage our guests to:
• Wash your hands frequently
• Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
• Avoid close contact with people who are sick
• Stay home when you are sick
• Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze with a tissue, and then dispose of the tissue

Please know that guest and employee safety is our priority now and always, and we are confident about the measures we are taking to ensure you have a safe and comfortable environment to dine in during these challenging times. If you’d like to provide feedback here, we want to hear your concerns and suggestions.

We genuinely thank you for your patronage and wish you good health.