Bottleneck Cares Fund

An ongoing fund that provides support when disaster or personal hardship strikes.

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The Bottleneck Cares Fund Committee consists of multiple department heads who will review applications and determine all distributions from the Fund (the “Fund Committee”). Each application will be reviewed by at least three (3) members of the Fund Committee, and the vote of a majority of the reviewers will determine whether to award a grant pursuant to the application. All decisions of the Fund Committee are final and non-appealable. By applying for a grant from the Fund, each applicant waives any right or opportunity to contest or appeal the decisions of the Fund Committee and all claims against the Fund Committee in connection with the administration of the Fund. The Fund Committee will base its grant decisions on the information actually known to the Fund Committee at the time when it makes any grant decision, including the application then before the Fund Committee and the other applications which the Fund Committee receives and the full-time/part-time status and length of employment with Bottleneck Management, as verified through Ulti-pro. The Fund Committee shall not have any obligation to conduct any investigation or to verify any information contained in any application, to accept updates or revisions to applications, or to make follow-up inquiries regarding or otherwise resolve any inconsistencies, ambiguities or omissions in any applications. The Fund Committee may accept or reject inconsistent, ambiguous or incomplete applications in its sole discretion. Bottleneck Management retains the discretion to modify or terminate the Fund, the Fund Committee, the application or the process described herein at any time.