Welcome to the Bottleneck Blog!

When I learned that our new website was going to have a blog, and was subsequently asked to write the first installment, a myriad of thoughts came into my head.  I’ve never blogged before…  What am I going to write about?

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I like sandwiches… should I write about that?  (I quickly realized “no” was the answer to that one.)  Is a blog really necessary? (After much thought, I arrived at a “yes” for this one.)

The more I thought about it, the more I warmed up to the idea. Cautiously, I arrived to the mindset of, “I think this blog could actually be a pretty good idea.”  After all, how often do customers and employees get to peek into the mind of the men and women behind the decisions of a restaurant group?  How often do the management teams of a restaurant group have the opportunity to give their insight on industry trends?  Or comment on reasons behind choices such as our restaurant concepts?  Or even have a public forum to say “thank you” to the very client base that supports us on a daily basis?  Yes… I do believe this blog is a great idea!

So without further ado…

Welcome to the Bottleneck Blog!

Our goal is to use this forum to express opinion and insight into all topics related to the restaurant industry, and probably some topics that might not be.  You’ll hear from Bottleneck ownership, upper management personnel, store management and our employees.  We hope to promote healthy discussion and give our readers an opportunity to provide feedback and ask us questions.  If you have a question, ask it!  A comment?  Please share it!

So with that blog introduction, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank YOU, our guests.  Without you, we have nothing!  You provide a living for the owners, managers and employees of Trace, The Boundary, Sweetwater, South Branch and Old Town Pour House.  Hopefully we’re providing you with great service, great food, great drink, in a great environment!  Every hour of every day that we’re open, that’s our goal, and the minute we lose sight of that, we’re finished.

I look forward to getting this blog up and running and sharing with you the information, detail, and insight you find interesting about our business.  I thank you for your patronage and loyalty, and look forward to providing both of us with a forum to strengthen the operator and guest relationship.

Ken Henricks