Tap Tracker – Your New Beer Ranking System

Tap Tracker HomeContentThis week we are proud to launch an industry-leading initiative for ranking our in-house beers at Howells & Hood and our Old Town Pour House locations. No other bar has developed a system like this, and we’ve spent months sculpting it with the same love and attention that we give our beer list. Ladies and Gentlemen… Tap Tracker.

Tap Tracker Features

Rate Your Beer

Tap Tracker allows you to keep track of all the ales, porters, IPAs and seasonal specials that you have tried from our beer menus. You are able to rate each drink (out of 5), and leave tasting notes for your future reference. When new beers are tapped they are instantly added to the online beer menu, and when they run out, we keep them viewable, but simply grey out the text – your rating and notes are still saved, just in case we decide to tap another keg anytime.

Discover New Beers

The Tap Tracker beer ranking system also shows average beer ratings from all drinkers, which you can take into account when looking to try something new. A belgian white ale with an average of 4.75? Don’t mind if I do!

Share Your Ratings

You can choose to share your beer ratings with your friends on Facebook – simply tap the ‘Facebook My Rating’ button before hitting ‘Rate Beer’ and your friends will know the name of the beer you have just sampled and what your score for it was.

Multiple Venue Lists

Another feature of Tap Tracker is that it works as one complete system across all of our ‘pour house-style’ venues. Therefore, if you have previously rated beers at Howells & Hood, when you go to rate a beer at a new Old Town Pour House location, the list will populate with any duplicate rankings, enabling you to see any beers currently on tap that you have already tried and liked.

Save to Home Page

Users of Tap Tracker who access Tap Tracker on their iOS and Google Android devices can select the “add to home” feature to create a bookmark that is hosted on the phone’s home screen. For future ratings, users simply click on the bookmarked icon and begin rating, recording, and sharing in real-time.

Here’s our ‘How To Rate Your Beer’ guide so that you can get started with Tap Tracker. Share, Like, or +1 if you enjoyed reading!

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