Pickles and Beer: A Dill-icious Duo

Let’s talk pickles and beer.

This timeless pairing has been a favorite forever, and it keeps getting better. We’ve rounded up what’s brining in the pickle and beer scene right now.

A Classic Combo

Pickles and beer have always complemented each other. The tangy, salty crunch of a good pickle can enhance the flavors of a crisp, refreshing beer. You can even mix the two, we promise this is a thing. Adding a pickle to a beer, whether it’s dropped into a pint or served as a garnish, can alter the beer’s flavor profile in interesting ways.

  • Enhanced Refreshment: The crispness and tanginess of the pickle can refresh and cleanse the palate between sips of beer, especially in warm weather.
  • Balanced Tanginess: Depending on the pickle’s brine, it can add a subtle tanginess that complements the beer’s flavors, enhancing its complexity.
  • Pairing Exploration: You can try experimenting with different pickles like dill, bread and butter and spicy to see how each interacts with various beer styles.



For those who enjoy a good shot, the pickleback is a time-tested favorite. A shot of whiskey chased by a shot of pickle juice, simple yet sensational. The brine cuts through the sharpness of the whiskey, leaving a surprisingly smooth finish. It’s a bar staple that continues to delight.



Trending: The Chickle

Move over, pickleback shots—there’s a new trend taking Tik-Tok by storm. The “chickle” is the latest buzz in the pickle world. So what is it anyway? Pickles fried in, who would have guessed it, cheese.

People are getting creative with this cheesy snack, trying wedges, chips and full dill pickles with cheeses ranging from cheddar to pepperjack.

To make your own, oil a frying pan, turn the heat on medium and cook your favorite slice of cheese in the pan until the cheese edges begin to crisp and brown. Then simply place your pickle spear on the edge and roll it up in the cheese. Some folks are even dipping in ranch or comeback sauce. It’s a fusion of flavors that’s definitely worth a try.


Pickle-Infused Beers

Yes, you read that right—pickle-infused beers are here and they are kind of a big dill. Breweries are experimenting with pickle brine to create beers with a tangy twist. These unique brews are perfect for adventurous beer lovers looking to try something new. The tartness of the pickle brine adds a refreshing bite to the beer, making it an excellent choice for summer sipping. There are several different styles of pickle beer from goses to ales and sours, and you can even find spicy options. We recommend the Desthil Dill Pickle Sour. It almost tastes like drinking pickle juice straight from the jar, but better.



Perfect Pairings: Our Top Picks

Make your own pickle board and beer flight with some of our favorite pairings:

  • Classic Dill Pickles and Pilsner
    The clean, crisp taste of a pilsner balances the sharp, tangy flavor of a classic dill pickle.
  • Spicy Pickles and IPA
    A hoppy IPA with its bold bitterness pairs wonderfully with the heat of spicy pickles, enhancing the overall flavor experience.
  • Fried Pickles and Pale Ale
    The light maltiness and subtle hop bitterness of a pale ale harmonize perfectly with the crispy exterior and tangy brine of fried pickles.
  • Sweet Bread and Butter Pickles and Wheat Beer
    The sweetness of bread and butter pickles is beautifully complemented by the smooth, slightly sweet profile of a wheat beer.
  • Garlic Pickles and Stout
    The rich, roasted flavors of a stout are a perfect match for the robust, savory taste of garlic pickles.
  • Gherkins and Sour Beer
    These small, tart pickles are traditional and offer a sharp, vinegary taste that enhances the sour notes of the beer.



Pickle enthusiasts rejoice. There are several pickle-themed festivals across the country, but our favorite is Picklesburgh, which is held annually in Pittsburgh. This pickle paradise transforms downtown into a pickle lover’s dream, featuring everything from pickle-themed foods and drinks to live music and pickle-inspired merchandise. It’s a must-visit event for foodies and, obviously, pickle lovers.

City Works Pittsburgh is right in the midst of the festival and will be featuring our pickle-centric dishes like beer-battered fried pickle chips, a Cuban sandwich and some more adventurous drinks like our Pickle Spritz, Pickle Rita and Southern Tier’s Pickle Beer. Get in on the fun July 11 – 21.

If you’re not in Pittsburgh try making our Pickle Spritz at home.


Pickle Spritz Recipe

  • ½ ounce pickle juice
  • ½ ounce lemon juice
  • 1 oz St. Germaine
  • 4 oz Sparkling Wine

Stir all ingredients, add ice and garnish with a cornichon.

Whether you’re new to the pairing of pickles and beer or a seasoned expert, there is no denying there is a love for the duo. Stop by any Bottleneck restaurant and order some fried pickles and your favorite pale ale today.