Most Popular Beer in Chicago by Neighborhood

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How would you find the most popular beer in Chicago…? Lakeshore Beverage recently put together a cool map showing the biggest selling beers in Chicago for each neighborhood. The data comes from a year’s worth of sales from bars, restaurants, liquor stores and wherever else you buy your beer in Chicago. Lakeshore Beverage then crunched the numbers to compare each neighborhood to the city as a whole, and found which were the best selling beers.

The interactive map is shared below, and you can explore your hood to discover which beer was the most popular, and compare to the rest of Chicago. Enjoy!

Most Popular Beer in Chicago Interactive Map

As you can see, Old Town enjoys Pale Ale more than any other beer, and the favorite of Wicker Park residents is a Kolsch. Drinkers on Michigan Avenue prefer a Blonde Ale, while The Loop’s most popular style is Lager.

The most popular beer style across the most neighborhoods? Well, that award actually goes to cider. Fifteen neighborhoods have cider as the most popular drink, proportionally to the entire city’s consumption.

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