Meet the Team: Migdalia Garza

General Manager:

Migdalia ‘Miggy’ Garza

Migdalia ‘Miggy’ Garza’s career with Bottleneck Management began in 2016 as a server at Old Town Pour House in Chicago and after only four years she was promoted to General Manager. During Miggy’s five years with Bottleneck, she has overcome obstacles and has been a true example of hard work and dedication to the core values of the company.

 “I never thought I would be where I’m at now. This is my career, and I love it. I am still learning. I know I’m human and make mistakes, but I learn from them and use them to be proactive in the future,” said Miggy.


The Beginning

Miggy did not start her professional career in the restaurant industry, but after adopting two children, she began seeking a career to better fit her and her husband’s schedule.  Once she became a server, everything clicked right away and from there her growth was unstoppable.

After five months as a server at Old Town Pour House in Chicago, Miggy was offered the opportunity to be a part of Bottleneck’s Red Shirt Program, which is a program that allows restaurant employees to advance their career and be promoted from within.

She was expecting a baby boy at the time, but sorrowfully, he passed away. Miggy took a break from her career to recover from the loss of her son, and when she was ready to return, she picked up right where she left off.



After completing the red shirt program, Miggy became a Front of House Manager at Old Town Pour House in Chicago and was soon offered an additional role as an Event Coordinator.

“I walked in intimated to be a restaurant manager, even though I had been a manager in other industries, but my growth has been exponential. The coaching is incomparable, especially with the help of Jordan, the Vice President of Operations. He is full of knowledge,” said Miggy.

During that time, Miggy increased event sales and assisted as acting General Manager while the former General Manager was out. “This opened the door and gave me the opportunity and experience to become the General Manager,” said Miggy.

In April 2019, Miggy was offered the General Manager position at Old Town Pour House in Chicago and was also pregnant with her next child. “There were a lot of transitions during this time, but Jordan and the home office talked me through it and made sure everything was covered while I was away. They knew when to check-in and make sure I was comfortable,” said Miggy.

Two years later, when Miggy mentioned she was looking to move from Chicago, management listened. A general manager position became available in Frisco, Texas, and was offered to her. Ready to start her next chapter, Miggy packed up with her husband, five children, and doggo and moved to Texas to be the General Manager for City Works in Frisco.


The Team

Miggy is most proud of becoming a General Manager and of her team. “The team has always been willing and open to learn, and everyone instills the core values in everyday life,” said Miggy.

Miggy has continued her career with Bottleneck because of the support by the owners and management. “I have always felt supported through all of my life events. Bottleneck values its employees. The mindset is we take care of our employees, and they take care of us,” said Miggy.

“They promote from within and are living proof of the values. I’ve had moments of stress through my career with the death of my son and the pandemic, but then I’m reminded why I’m here. They ask how you are, if you are overworked and what you need. That’s why I’ve never given up,” said Miggy.

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