Meet The Team: Kristin Albert

An occasional series where we meet the team and unearth a few fun facts about our Bottleneck family. Next up: Kristin Albert.

Meet The Team: Kristin Albert - Kristin-and-Catie

Kristin Albert

Where are you from?
Kalamazoo, MI.

What is your role at Bottleneck?
Operations Manager.

What do you enjoy about your job?
The chance to impact people. With guests, staff, and managers, I get the chance every day to make their day, month, or year a little better. I also love the development side of the staff and managers. This job is all about people… the better you develop, lead, and treat them, the better they will take care of the guests and operate the restaurant. I love seeing the impact I’ve made on staff and managers, both personally and professionally, and in turn it impacts and develops me as well. I consider myself lucky in what I do for a living, because I love coming to work every day.

What do you do when you are not at work?
When I’m not working, I am trying to keep up with my four year old, Catie. She keeps me extremely busy and very young at heart. It ties into my job well too, as parenting is a lot like managing… you are trying to develop them the best you can to make a good impact on the world. I am expecting twin girls in June, so that will keep me busy and give me more practice.

I balance this with my love for Iowa football, and everything Hawkeye-related for that matter. Catie sings the Iowa fight song with me, as me and my twin sister are loyal alumni that never miss a game and make at least one trip back to Iowa City every year.

Oh yeah, and I try to spend as much time as possible with my wonderful husband…

Kristin - iowa hawkeyes

How did you discover Bottleneck Management?
To make a long story short, my husband actually went to college with the owners. We moved back to Chicago in 2009 when they were looking to open Sweetwater. When my husband and I went in to interview bartending jobs, I walked out with a manager position so they couldn’t hire him. From there I went to South Branch, and after 2 years there I joined the Bottleneck Management team in my current position.

What do you enjoy about working with the team/company?
I love working with a company and team that truly cares about their people. This is a business as we know, but this company’s view of how the top line affects the bottom line is what drives me every day. This team values everyone’s opinion and is always looking for the best decision no matter where it comes from. One of the reasons I enjoy this company so much is how they’ve allowed me to impact so many people and processes as part of the team.

Current favorite drink?
Since I’m currently pregnant and entering patio season, I’d have to go with a fresh virgin margarita. But normally nothing beats a nice big glass of red wine on the couch with my family after a long day. Summertime however does bring out the love of cider in me, and my go to will always be Ace Pear Cider… that sounds really good right now; I wish I could drink one!

What is something that people probably don’t know about you?
In my early 20s, I worked as a Production Assistant in LA for two years. It was pretty cool seeing the behind the scenes of how movies were made, but it also ruined my perception of a lot of the “magic” of it as well.

Favorite TV/Movie Quote?
The one quote that has stuck with me from watching kids shows for the last 4 years is “on the voyage through life, the best ship to have is a friendship.” Words to live by…

the backyardigans

Biggest party foul?
Awkward high fives! It’s amazing to me how bad people are at executing high fives.

Favorites food(s)?
Anything that a normal 5 year old likes. Unfortunately, I am a very picky eater and usually am good with a grilled cheese or spaghetti. I try to venture out, but always come back to simplicity.

Share a moment of personal triumph:
When I was 32, I got married, had my first child, and got promoted to General Manager all within a year. A lot changed in my life that year. I’m trying to top that now as this year, at 36, I just bought a business, just moved, and am expecting twins in June. I like to challenge myself every day in every aspect of my life… I am happy, but never content with routine life.

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