Blended, Not Stirred: Making Frozen Cocktails at Home

Blended, Not Stirred: Making Frozen Cocktails at Home

The temperatures are rising, which means it’s time to break out the blender and mix up a refreshing frozen concoction.

We have a few tips and tricks to ensure making frozen cocktails at home is a breeze. But before we begin, crank up your summer playlist (or borrow one from us) and get your mind ready for the best brain freeze you’ll ever have.


Ice Ice Baby


Frozen Cocktails
Tips and Tricks

  1. Use a Powerful Blender
    Using a high-powered blender is the key to avoid lingering chunks of ice. A Ninja, Blendtec, or Vitamix are all great options.
  2. Use Crushed Ice
    If you’re able, use crushed ice. It will help alleviate large chunks of ice and make things easier on your blender.
  3. Don’t Over-Blend
    Over-blending is easy to do with one-speed blenders. It may be tempting, but don’t add more ice than required as that can cause the drink to become diluted. If that happens to you, no worries. We have a tip to revive your slushy concoction in our Frozen Mule recipe below.
  4. Blender Speed
    If your blender has different speeds, always start on the lowest and go up.
  5. Submersion Splash
    If you are using a submersion blender be sure to put your mixture in a tall pitcher so your beverage doesn’t slash back on you. We want our frozen goodness in our mouths, not on our faces.
  6. Sugar
    Sugars are very important in frozen cocktails as these drinks typically contain more water, and flavors can become diluted without the proper amount of sugar. The sugar can come from your soda, fruit, or simple syrup.
  7. Variations
    Try freezing your liquids in an ice tray the night before for an extra frozen cocktail. You can also crush your ice first, mix your other liquids together and pour over your ice. Voila, you have a boozy snow cone!


Watch it Spin ‘Round


Lime, juicer and double jigger

Equipment to keep on hand:

  1. Blender: The most important item when it comes to frozen cocktails.
  2. Straws: Try agave, silicon, or stainless steel to keep it eco-friendly.
  3. Paper Parasols: Not only do these add a bit of fun to your beverage, but they are also useful to hold extra garnishes.
  4. Double Jigger: A bar tool for measuring and pouring your alcohol and juices.
  5. Plastic Pitcher: A perfect way to store your extra slush in the freezer. We all know time is of the essence, so prep your frozen cocktails in advance and pop them in the freezer. A plastic pitcher makes this a breeze.
  6. Juicer: Take the hard work out of juicing your citrus.


Summer Drinks

Frozen Mule

Ginger and lime are a perfect pair, and even better frozen.

Frozen Mule



– 1 ½ cups ice
– 2 cups ginger beer
– 2 oz. vodka
– 1 oz. lime juice
– Lime wedge for garnish


  1. Put ice in a blender then add ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice.
  2. Pulse a bit and then blend until the ice has broken down and the drink has a slushie texture.
  3. If it’s not slushy enough, or over-blended, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes and blend again for 20 seconds.




Bottleneck Management Mules


Looking for another variation? Try a Texas, Dutch, Kentucky, or Cucumber Mule at one of our Bottleneck locations. You can even order a 96 oz. mega mule served in a shareable copper mug. (City Works, Old Town Pour House, South Branch, Sweetwater


Frozen Paloma 

A fun twist on a classic tequila-based cocktail.

Ingredients:Frozen Paloma

– One large ruby red grapefruit
– One lime, juiced
– 2 oz. tequila
– 2 tbsp. simple syrup (50/50 sugar/water, boiled and cooled)
– 1 cup sprite or club soda
– 2 cups ice
– Lime wheel and salt for garnish


  1. Peel your grapefruit.
  2. Juice your lime.
  3. Add all ingredients except ice to the blender and stir.
  4. Add ice to the blender.
  5. Blend until smooth.
  6. Prep your glass by rubbing your lime garnish along the edge and dipping the glass in coarse salt.
  7. Pour your Paloma into your glass and top with a lime wheel.

*Next time you’re at a Bottleneck restaurant try our Peaceful Palmoa, a non-alcoholic beverage with lime juice, grapefruit juice, honey syrup, soda water and a salted rim. (City Works, Old Town Pour House, South Branch, Sweetwater

Slushy Shirley

The Dirty Shirley is the drink of the summer and is derived from the nostalgic Shirley Temple, but let’s make it slushy.

Frozen Dirty Shirley


– 2 cups ginger ale or sprite
– 3 oz. vodka
– Splash grenadine
– Maraschino cherry garnish
– ½ cup ice


  1. Pour soda into an ice cube tray or plastic container and freeze until solid.
  2. Add soda cubes, vodka and grenadine to a blender (a small splash of grenadine, as we will add more later.)
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Add a splash of grenadine to the base of your glass. Pour mix inside and garnish with a cherry.


 Good luck crafting your frozen treats. Share your photos with us on social media. Cheers!

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