Low Carb Mixed Alcoholic Drinks and Vegan Alcohol

If you enjoy cocktails but are looking for lighter options, there are plenty of low carb alcoholic choices that are tasty in a mixed drink. Whether you’re looking to be more health-conscious with low carb alcoholic mixed drinks or vegan alcoholic drinks, or are just interested in trying something new, we’ve compiled some delicious options for you.

Low Carb Alcoholic Mixed Drinks

Low carb alcoholic choices used to mean that you were resigned to a life of vodka sodas. However, with new low carb beverages on the market, drinkers can enjoy unique cocktails. Hard seltzers are a popular option for low carb alcoholic drinks, with a number of different brands and flavors to try. For a crisp, refreshing summer beverage, try Bon & Viv’s Classic Spiked Seltzer. Made from purified water, it’s a sugar-free and gluten-free alternative to beer and wine, and can be used in a variety of cocktails. Use it with gin as a replacement for high-sugar tonic water, or pour a shot of one of Deep Eddy’s flavored vodkas for a low carb, yet flavorful cocktail. If you’re feeling ambitious, try your hand at an herb-infused alcohol to mix with your hard seltzer for lots of sugar-free flavor.

If you like your whiskey neat, you’re in luck: hard liquor is a great low carb alcohol choice. Healthline reports that “pure forms of alcohol like whiskey, gin, tequila, rum and vodka are all completely free of carbs.” That means that you can enjoy our extensive whiskey list even if you are limiting your carb intake. If you’d rather sip a clear liquor, but want a little flavor in your drink, try squeezing some lime juice into a glass of vodka, tequila, or gin on ice!

Low Carb Beer and Wine

Surprisingly, beer and wine can be low carb alcohol choices as well. Drier varietals of red and white wine are great options—for a light, low carb alcoholic mixed drink, make a white wine spritzer with your favorite chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, or chablis, and a splash of crisp sparkling water to top it off. If you prefer reds, stick to cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, or chianti wines. It’s recommended to try wines made from grapes grown in cooler regions, as these wines tend to be drier and therefore have fewer carbs. For beer drinkers, there are plenty of options. Popular brews like Corona Premier, Michelob Ultra, Allagash Brewing Co. Saison, and many more beers all come in under five carbs.

Vegan Alcoholic Drinks

It’s easy to create delicious cocktails while on a vegan diet. Nearly all hard liquor is vegan, aside from cream-based liquors and liquors with honey in them. For a comprehensive list of spirits to use in vegan alcoholic drinks, browse Urban Tastebud‘s lengthy selection of vegan alcohol.

Vegan Beer and Wine

If you’re more of a beer drinker, there are plenty of vegan beer choices as well. Some of the most popular beer choices such as Budweiser and Bud Light, Corona, and Coors and Coors Light are all vegan, along with craft beers such as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Lagunitas IPA.

The only reason as to why beer would not be classified as vegan is due to the fining process, a process that is used in wine-making as well. Sometimes, breweries and wineries use animal byproducts such as casein (a dairy protein), gelatin (often made from cow and pig products), or isinglass (fish bladder) to refine their beer or wine. However, this renders the beer or wine as undrinkable to vegetarians and vegans. Thankfully, online resources such as Barnivore can be used to alert vegan alcohol drinkers to products certified as vegan. If you’re looking for vegan wines that are easy to find, open up a bottle from Charles Shaw, Charles Smith, or Frey Vineyards.