Help Us Support Clean Water

We are proud to announce our partnership with Clean Water Fund and Benevitiy. Now, each time you dine in at a Bottleneck Restaurant you can round up your change or add an additional donation to help keep our drinking water safe.

Our drinking water contributes to many of our daily joys. Did you know the water tap is the first stop on the way to the beer tap? Without clean water, there is no beer!

Good beer relies on good water, as it is one of the most critical ingredients in beer, making up 90 to 95 percent of a beer.

Since 1974, Clean Water Fund (and Clean Water Action) is the only national environmental non-profit focused on clean water and drinking water. Clean water is one of the few environmental issues that everyone across the political spectrum can agree on. We all have a shared stake in protecting clean water.


The Goal:

Drinkable, swimmable, fishable water for everyone

The Scope:

Programs reaching 1 million people and households across the US each year

The Strategy:

Research, outreach, education, organizing, advocacy, and policy action at the local, state, and national levels

The Priorities:
  • From watershed to the water tap, policies and practices that put drinking water first
  • Environmental health solutions that prevent waste and pollution at the source
  • Clean energy and climate solutions that create jobs and protect water
  • Clean water defense – keeping clean water laws and other protections strong and effective
How You Can Help:
  • Round It Up – Round up your change when closing your check at any Bottleneck restaurant.
  • A Monthly Gift –  A monthly gift provides an ongoing base of support while saving time and trees.
  • Special Gifts – Give the gift of Clean Water to celebrate someone special.


Clean Water — and great beer— bring people together and are key ingredients in the recipe for health and happiness. The next time you dine at a Bottleneck restaurant consider rounding up your change in the name of clean water.

Learn more about the efforts Clean Water Fund is making.