Great beer is a staple of all Bottleneck Management concepts. In March of 2012 we opened Old Town Pour House which features 90 beers on tap….

The Boundary has over 120 beers available, Sweetwater has over 90, South Branch over 70, and Trace has over 30. Obviously, with each new concept, we continue to make a stronger commitment to great beer. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a piece I wrote for the front page of the Old Town Pour House menu. I think it summarizes Bottleneck’s love and appreciation for craft beer and I’m guessing it will resonate with many of you as well. -Bart

Great Beer

The World’s Nectar

We view beer as a staple of life. Our love for this sweet nectar connects us to our collective past and gives us hope for a warm future. Enjoyed over the centuries by kings and peasants alike, some credit the importance of beer in early societies with the need to work as a community to grow grain, and it can be argued that the thirst for beer ushered in the birth of civilization itself.

Throughout history, beer has fortified the hearts of men on the field of battle and sloshed in the bellies of ships charting unknown seas. It has been carried to the ends of empires and has been lauded by revolutionaries, statesmen and poets. The ancient Egyptians believed that the mouth of a perfectly happy man was filled with beer. Who are we to argue? The Czechs decried that any government that raised the price of beer was doomed to fail, and we say that’s sound governing. Frederick the Great cried “my people must drink beer” and Shakespeare wrote that “a quart of ale is a dish for a king.” Whatever your take on beer, you’ll undoubtedly agree that it is a libation with which to embrace life.

We Give You Beer

At Pour House, we give it center stage and ask that you join us in our admiration of this elixir of life. We offer a daily homage to beer, complimented by great food, fine service and a beautiful setting. We may not be as ardent as Homer Simpson, who said, “I would kill every man in this room for a drop of sweet beer.” But we do agree that no one ever sits down to solve the world’s problems over a glass of white wine!

So, in the great people’s tradition of beer, we give you the Old Town Pour House. We ask that you grab a glass and fully embrace this libation’s full flavor and rich history. We implore you to sit, relax and replenish your soul with good beer, great friends, and a toast to living life to the fullest…

We recently shared our ‘Guide to Craft Beer’, and we have also developed an industry-leading Beer ranking system; Tap Tracker