Game Day At Bottleneck Restaurants

Ah, game day. The best day of the week.

The feeling of community in a sea of strangers. A chance to forget the real world and cheer on your team with a group of your closest friends, or strangers who will be close friends by the end of the game. After all, 70% of Americans claim to be sports fans in some form, varying from causal to super-fan.



Something that makes game days so much fun is the traditions that both teams and fans alike have created.  These traditions, and sometimes superstitions, help lift spirits and create a sense of unity among fans.


Popular game day traditions

– Not washing your game day jersey until your team loses

– Eating a certain meal on game day

– Texting the same person on the morning of every big game

– Sitting in a specific spot for each game

– Wearing your team’s logo on your face



The feeling you get when you’re cheering on your team with other fans is one that can’t be beaten. It’s a feeling of solidarity and the utmost fun, even when the score isn’t going your way. You all band together to cheer your team on to victory until the next game day comes along.


Why spend your game day at a Bottleneck restaurant?

The Beer
You will never run out of beer and have 90+ options to choose from.  We celebrate all styles of craft beer and highlight 30 local offerings.  You can even build your own flight of four 6 oz. beers so you can try new styles without committing to full pours.

The Space
No matter how large or small your group is, we have the perfect spot for you. Many of our restaurants have private dining rooms, and all have semi-private space for groups of 15+.

The Food
You don’t have to sacrifice great food for the love of the game. You’ve never seen “bar food” done like ours. Yes, we have bar classics like cheese curds and pickle chips, but we add unexpected twists to those dishes, like a smoked tomato coulis dipping sauce for the curds and beer-battering our pickle chips. You can also enjoy full entrees like salmon with fingerling potatoes, or a bone-in center-cut pork chop.

The Atmosphere
Our energetic, friendly, and upbeat vibe is perfect for cheering on your team. We even have game day playlists to keep the action going during commercial breaks. We play music videos too because we know not everyone in the group cares about the game as much as others. It’s hard to be bored at a Bottleneck restaurant.

The TVs
Keeping track of all your fantasy players has never been easier with our wall of TVs. Our huge HDTVs are positioned perfectly so you won’t miss a minute of action. And because we have so many TVs, we are able to play a wide array of games, making it highly likely we have the one you want.


So for the next game, put on your traditional jersey, leave your couch, the bags of chips, and canned beers behind and spend the next game day at a Bottleneck restaurant with your new game day besties.

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