Frozen Cocktail Recipes: How To Make Frozen Cocktails

Summer is here, and we’re cooling down with two of our favorite frozen cocktail recipes: the frozen Moscow Mule and our house favorite frosé. Beat the heat by learning how to make frozen cocktails—we’ve got the frozen cocktail recipes below.

How To Make The Frozen Moscow Mule

The perfect mix of sweet, spicy, and tart, the frozen Moscow Mule is one of our favorite frozen cocktail recipes. Our Moscow Mule utilizes naturally gluten-free Tito’s vodka for a smooth finish, which is complimented by crisp ginger beer and bright, tangy lime juice. Try serving it in the traditional copper mug for an extra-cold treat—the copper metal retains the temperature of the drink, making sure it stays ice-cold for hours, and the mug’s handle keeps your body heat from warming up your frozen cocktail!

frozen cocktail recipes with vodka

Frozen Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe


1.5 oz Tito’s Vodka
2 oz Lime juice
2 oz Ginger Beer Syrup
4 oz Water
7 oz of ice
Dash of bitters
Lime wedges for garnish (optional)
Mint leaves for garnish (optional)

Recipe Preparation: 

Add all ingredients in a blender with 7 oz of ice.

Blend until smooth.

Serve and garnish with a lime wedge and sprig of the mint leaves.

How To Make Frosé

Rosé is a summer staple—the pink wine is often thought of as fruity, but its flavors range from bold and dry to floral and sweet. Rosé’s hue is a draw for the Instagram generation as well, with over three million posts tagged “#rosé” on the social media app. Rosé is the fastest growing wine in the US with sales growing more than 40% per year. If you love rosé as much as we do, why not try our frozen twist on the popular wine?

For our frosé, we suggest using a darker rosé rather than the paler ones you sometime see. The flavor of the rosé will be bolder and stand up to the sweetness of the strawberries in the frozen cocktail. If you can, use frozen halved strawberries instead of a strawberry puree for a more flavorful frozen cocktail recipe.

Frosé Frozen Cocktail Recipe


1 bottle of rosé wine (750ml)
3 oz of high quality strawberry puree OR 1 cup of halved strawberries (partially frozen is best)
2 oz of lemon juice
3 oz of simple syrup
1 cup of ice
Strawberry for garnish (optional)
Lemon peel for garnish (optional)

Recipe Preparation: 

Pour your rosé of choice in a metal cake pan and place in the freezer overnight.

About an hour before you plan to serve, take the rosé out of the freezer. It will not be completely frozen solid due to alcohol content.

Scrape all the frozen rosé into a blender, along with strawberry puree or the frozen strawberries, lemon juice and simple syrup.

Add 1 cup of crushed or chipped ice. If you don’t have an ice crusher in your refrigerator, you can chip the ice by placing a bunch of big cubes in a dish towel and whacking with a pan or rolling pin.

Purée on smooth, making sure that all ingredients are incorporated and no large chunks of ice or fruit exist.

Put blender jug right back in fridge for 25-35 minutes before giving it one last pulse on the blender to bring it back to slightly slushy and runny.

Serve in chilled wine, margarita, or champagne glasses with a small strawberry wedge or lemon peel on the rim.