Behind Enemy Lines: A Red Wings Fan Serving at a Blackhawks Bar

Other than being known for phenomenal tater tots and a wicked beer list (Wells & Young’s Banana Bread and Dog Fish Head 90 Minute, to name a couple), The Boundary is also known for being an official Blackhawks Bar in Chicago.  Normally, for any other server, that would be no problem; seeing as the bar resides in Chicago (Wicker Park to be exact).  The fact that The Boundary is a Blackhawks Bar may even be a good thing if he or she is a hockey fan; we play all the games with sound.  However, as the author of this post, this fact is not necessarily a good thing, but rather a source of conflict.

See, I’m from the Metro-Detroit area, and if it’s one thing “Detroiters” are known for, it’s their passion for the Red Wings.

When I started working at The Boundary two years ago, I didn’t think me being a Red Wings fan would be a “thing.”  That was, however, before I realized Hawks fans hated Wings fans.  I myself didn’t care much about Toews and his team, I was more of a Penguins hater.  It was clear from day one that I was going to become the black sheep of The Boundary crew, the one known as the “Wings fan” or more simply, “Detroit.”

As I transitioned from hostessing to serving tables, I knew I’d have to buy a dreaded Hawks t-shirt, a fact that more than likely infuriated my family members.  My soul died a little that day when I bought my Hawks t-shirt from Sport’s Authority.

In all fairness, The Boundary staff has met me half way in this whole Wings fan vs. Hawks fan battle.  From time to time, Bartenders will update me on hockey stats, or say, “Hey, your Wings looked good last game.”  The hostess seats the Wings t-shirt wearer (there are a few) in my section.  The manager puts on the Wing’s game on one of the thirteen TVs (even if it’s on the TV in the corner or coupled with, “your stupid Wings are on”)…it’s the small things.

You best believe when I serve at The Boundary and the Hawks are playing, I wear my Hawks t-shirt, even if I do have one eye on the TV playing the Wings game.  You also best believe I wear my Red Wings t-shirt at The Boundary’s bus outings to the preseason games (something that ALWAYS gets me flack).  It’s a tough life I live—a Detroit Red Wings fan working among Chicago Blackhawks fans, but I will say that it’s a pleasure to work with people who love the sport as much as I do.

With game seven upon us, come into The Boundary (truth be told, the most exciting Blackhawks Bar in Chicago) and heckle the server who is pouring your beer, clapping when the Hawks score, but secretly cheering for the Detroit Red Wings.

~Emily D’Annunzio (“Detroit”)