Beertails: Mixing Cocktails with Beer

“Beer before liquor, never sicker”?

How about “liquor with your beer, never fear”?

Mixing cocktails with beer may seem like a bad idea until you get a beverage professional on the case. Cocktails made with beer even have their own title in mixology circles: beertails. They are gaining in popularity as restaurants and bars start to explore the concept, and the trend is set to continue and grow into 2017. With Bottleneck having such a passion for craft beer, many of our locations have been creating new beertails in recent years too.

Some simple beginner beer cocktails might be the kind of thing you’ve already made at home or tried at a local bar. A Black Velvet is a sparkling wine (often champagne) with a stout (often Guinness) floated on top. A Beermosa is a Mimosa but with a citrusy wheat beer replacing the traditional champagne.

But what if you want to step up into more modern, professional beer-inspired cocktails?

We are here to help guide you into some of our favorite seasonal beertails we have featured at Bottleneck locations over the years. Looking to try something new at home this holiday season? Take these seasonal drinks for a spin!

Seasonal Beertails Ideas

Beer Cocktails - mixing cocktails with beer

Try a holiday spin on the classic Michelada: grill holiday-spiced peppers, limes, and tomatoes, and blend with Casa Nobles Reposado tequila. Strain and serve over ice, top with Corona, and garnish with a charred serrano pepper.

Negra Modelo Nog
This seasonal take on a gin fizz features Hendrick’s Gin, holiday-spiced Egg Nog (made in house, the classic way), and sour mix. Shake over ice and strain into a tulip glass with fresh ice. Top with Negra Modelo and garnish with an orange peel.

This winter beertail features a classic seasonal fruit: blood orange. Mix Tanqueray gin, triple sec, and lemon, then shake over ice and strain into a champagne flute. Top with Anderson Valley’s Blood Orange Gose beer.

Now you have some fun recipes to try, read up on our tips on how to stir, shake, and strain your cocktails for the ultimate drink.