Beer Podcast with Chicago Beer Pass

This week we had the pleasure of taking part in a beer podcast with the guys at Chicago Beer Pass, Brad Chmielewski and Nik White. These guys know a thing or two about beer talk – this was their 93rd episode of the podcast, and they both play a regular part in the Chicago beer scene.

We brought our own beer experts along: Phil Miley, Assistant GM at Howells & Hood, and Max Cavanaugh, who runs the beer program that occupies the 500 keg cooler that you can see in the photo above. Yours truly even hung out for the evening and made a very brief guest vocalist appearance.

The podcast, much like the beer, was free-flowing. We discussed the Howells & Hood space within the Tribune Tower and the role it plays for downtown Chicago beer fans, how we all began our beer-loving journey, some of the rare things that we have had the chance to tap and share in recent times, and all the info for our latest fantastic beer dinner event (we first met Nik over a Märzen and a whole roasted pig last Oktoberfest).

Beer was sampled, stories were shared, and a fun time was had by all. Thanks, Chicago Beer Pass!

Listen here >>

By Lee Jarvis.