Bar Olympics For Charity

Would you shave your head for charity? Would you chop off your huge beard for the betterment of cancer research?! Two brave souls in Bottleneck’s ranks are putting their hair, their looks, and their dignity on the line for breast cancer research. And of course, for the amusement, jeers and laughter of those around them…

This Sunday, October 27th, beginning at 4pm, Ken Henricks (VP of Operations) will go toe-to-toe with HairOffDaniel Gutierrez (Manager at Old Town Pour House-Oak Brook and former Manager of Howells & Hood) in a series of common bar games, now known as the “Bar Olympics.” All games will be a best of 3 format.

The Stakes

If Ken loses, he will grow a mustache and shave his head! If Daniel loses, he will shave off his beard and cut his hair “high and tight.” Kind of like a certain Mr. Vivian

The Schedule

Start time is solid but keep in mind the other times are just guesses as the events will take varying amounts of time, and travel in between needs to be taken into account.

The Cause …Spectators & Hecklers Encouraged!

We encourage anyone to come out and join in on the fun! Witness the games, wage your bets, heckle away, and best of all…be at Boundary to watch “the haircut!” We ask each spectator to donate $10 to the wonderful Lynn Sage Foundation, to benefit breast cancer research.

May the best man win!

A new level of “Sunday Funday”



After grueling rounds of Bocce Ball, a few quick games of pool, and a couple rounds of Golden Tee, Mr. Henricks emerged victorious. Photo_Oct_27_13 08-29-25 PMTo say it was close, may be a bit of a stretch. Shuffleboard and darts were left by the wayside, as the two competitors came together to shake hands and make peace.

Other members of Bottleneck Management (BM) and employees from the BM locations came out to get in on the fun – playing Photo_Oct_27_13 07-40-22 PMgames themselves, observing the competition, and donating to the Lynn Sage Foundation, to benefit breast cancer research.

After a quick cheers to the competition, and to loosen him up, Daniel and the crew headed to The Photo_Oct_27_13 09-50-03 PMBoundary for the head shaving and beard trimming! It was “lights, camera, action” (albeit dimly lit lights) as the hair cutting and head shaving began. Ken enjoyed himself very much. Daniel on the other hand, not so much.

daniel-sideAfter all was said and done, fun was had, hair was lost, and spirits were high. Daniel quickly grew back his beard, but as of the end of 2013, the “faux hawk” has yet to return.