A beer with 400 web
We polled the Bottleneck office to offer up some great answers to the classic drinking theoretical question: Who would you like to have a beer with?

Some cunning insights:
4 Bottleneckers had answers related to family.
5 team members want to spend time with artists or entertainers.
Only 1 of us chose someone most often associated with the food and drink industry.

So here we go, the Bottleneck team’s answers to:

Who Would You Most Like To Have a Beer With…?

Chris Bisaillon – Co-owner

I would like to have a beer with my kids in 20 years. Being able to share some beers with my son Brock at 31 years of age and my daughter Ashley at 33 years would be beyond amazing. I would be tremendously grateful to see how their lives have progressed in the ensuing time, as well as to know that I was able to witness it. I would be fascinated to learn what memories really stuck with them as they journeyed from kids to adults, as well as what life lessons my wife and I were able to impart in a meaningful way. We often are able to glean snippets of learning or gratitude in small ways, but to sit down and really talk to them as adults (with some cold, refreshing craft beers) would be a highlight. I hope that dream can one day come true.

Lizzy Crandall – Accounting Manager

I am going to go with Audrey Hepburn! She was a fantastic woman who helped those in need until the last years of her life, and she is the only non-Roman person that the Italian people considered a “true Roman woman” – which is a huge compliment!

Angela Zoiss – VP of Marketing

I’d LOVE to be able to have a beer with my grandpas! I know that’s not one person, but it’s the only way I can answer this question. Both of my grandpas died when I was a baby, and within one year of each other. So I never got to know them. Words cannot express how much I would enjoy being able to talk to these men and get to know them over a beer… to see first-hand where my mom and dad came from. My mom and dad are, without question, two of the most loving, kind, selfless, thoughtful, and coolest people I know. I can’t help but think that my grandpas had a big hand in that, and it would be fulfilling to meet those men.

Jordan Gibrick – Director of Operations

I’d like a beer with Jerry Garcia. I’d love to discuss his long strange trip with Grateful Dead and his thoughts on the current state of the live music scene. I’d also really like to know what he thinks about craft ciders, especially Vandermill’s Totally Roasted, I think he would thoroughly enjoy it!

Erin Carroll – Director of Events

I’d like to have a beer with Adele. We would be at a dive bar talking and laughing about all the bloody blokes out there and then she would start a sing-song where everyone in the bar would join in to Hometown Glory. True story…I actually came close to having a beer with Adele a few years ago at the Green Mill (well not WITH her but BY her). This was after her unforgettable concert at the Riv, and she ended up sitting 2 booths away from us. It was very brief since the stupid band was on a very long break so she ended up leaving. I have felt cheated ever since, so I feel this experience is owed to me.

Jason Akemann – Co-owner

My Dad. He passed away when I was a kid and I have always wondered what he would think about Bottleneck. He was a restauranteur and I think he would get a kick out of what we have become. What better way to tell that story than over a beer?

Cortney Lowinski – Corporate Training Coordinator

I think I would like to have a beer with Lucille Ball. We would most likely drink a summer shandy on a lovely patio somewhere in the summer air. We would chat about clowning and people watch for hours.

Lee Jarvis – Digital Marketing Manager

I’d have a drink with my past and future selves. I’d point out all the stupid things I did and have learned from, and probably ignore anything that future-Lee might suggest to avoid further life embarrassments. Young Lee would drink some bland macro beer, I would order a nice porter, and future Lee would drink zero gravity space beer. Young Lee would out-drink his elders accordingly.

Eric Babula – Regional Chef

If I can only pick one, it’d be Anthony Bourdain. Not because he’s my favorite chef, but because he has eaten and drank with EVERYONE I look up to. He’s a greater writer, still very humble, and has been able to live the dream life of a seasoned chef – getting paid to travel, eating and drinking with the best of the best. We could pound PBRs and talk shit about unjustly famous fakes and sing praises of all the real-deals. Plus, I’m sure he can stay toe to toe with me for shots.

Mike Jettner – VP of Concept Development

I’d like to have a beer with Walt Disney. His vision, creativity, and business acumen are all areas I’d love to pick his brain on. His philosophy on guest experiences, business, and leadership are areas I would dive deeper into. He would most likely be a really fun person to enjoy 16 ounces with, and at the same time probably the most educational 16 ounces.

Sarah McCarten – Administrative Assistant

I would love to have a beer with Dolly Parton. She is such a strong female that can handle any kind of criticism. And I mean, Steel Magnolias? A masterpiece.

Nathan Hilding – Co-owner

I would have a beer with my brother Matt— it doesn’t get any better than family. Thankfully I get to have beer(s) with him often.

by The Bottleneck Team.