Andrew Uzzel

Field Training Manager

As a Field Training Manager, Andrew helps create and implement training materials and plans for all our hourly and salaried restaurant team members across all our restaurant brands. He also helps to develop our hourly Red Shirt managers through training calls and workshops. 


At the age of 16, Andrew got his first job as a food runner and worked his way up through all front of house positions. Andrew spent 10 years as a corporate trainer, Catering Department Manager, and Assistant Manager before transitioning to Bottleneck Management. Over the course of 4 years, he held positions as a server, Red Shirt, Assistant Manager, AGM, and finally General Manager with our City Works brand. Andrew’s passion for training and development led him to his current role in the Training Department.  

Outside of Work

Andrew spends his spare time doing anything outdoorsy, active, or adventurous. He participates in tennis leagues and tournaments, 100-mile bike rides, ½ marathons, and is always looking for new ways to push himself athletically. He enjoys his time with his fiancé and 3 dogs whether it’s yoga at the park, playing pickleball, paddleboarding, or visiting local hiking spots. He is always looking for his next adventure and loves doing thrilling experiences like mountain biking down Pikes Peak or climbing cliff side on a via ferrata.