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The Chopped Challenge

November 2014. Bottleneck Management head chefs gather at a top secret location to compete in the Chopped Challenge, and see who can create the ultimate Chopped Chicken Salad recipe.

Drought, Diseases and Food Price Increases, Oh My…

2014 has already seen a number of food price increases, resulting from worldwide struggles with weather, infestations and transportation. Farms, ranches, greenhouses, communities; nearly everyone is at risk of failed crops, less pollination, insects, diseases, or just plain tough times ahead.

The Great Sweetwater Chicken Cook Off

8 Chefs. 9 chicken dishes. 1 new menu place up for grabs. Sweetwater Tavern and Grille held a (kinda) secret Chicken Cook-Off between nine chefs, who were to pit their best chicken dishes against each other. I decided to document the occasion, and volunteer myself as a tasting judge in the process.