Our Values

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We understand each other by listening and truly believing in an open door policy.  This shows our empathy and compassion for our coworkers, but it also translates into great hospitality, in that we seek to understand what the guest truly needs/wants.  Understanding is being in tune with the world around you, and caring enough to listen to what you hear.


Being supportive isn’t simply about helping others grow, although that’s a huge part of it.  Being prepared, encouraging, and team-oriented are also major tenants of support.  Setting people up for success and providing the tools they need are big parts of a supportive climate. 


Wherever empowerment exists, trust and ownership are at a premium.  This means that someone has proven they are responsible–likely because they respect their job and exhibit a sense of ownership over what has been asked of them.  Generally, this means they have a good level of integrity and can be trusted to do the right thing at all times.  


At Bottleneck we talk about "hosting the party" for our guests.  This is the most obvious display of enjoyment for us, but as a core value, it's much more than that.  It’s about being a pleasure to work with because you deliver, are passionate, and can be counted on.  There’s nothing more enjoyable than surrounding yourself with high energy, positive, successful people as you "host the party."


Taken Together

When we UNDERSTAND each other, we better know how to SUPPORT each other.  The understanding comes from a genuine desire to listen to what each other has to say, placing genuine value on the perspective and passion of each other.  The support garnered by understanding each other thereby EMPOWERS each individual to achieve at their highest levels, to actively “be who they are at their very best."  Where this foundation exists, people are empowered to offer excellence in service, decision-making, input, teamwork and culinary and operational execution.  Excellence in these areas provides us the opportunity to ENJOY each other as teammates, because being part of a winning team is fun.  We’re a group that wants to have fun, it's in our DNA.  We want to enjoy our lives both in and out of work.  But it’s hard to be a joy to work with when you don’t deliver, are consistently inconsistent, or are unreliable.

Our core values stem from our desire to surround ourselves with genuine people, to live and work in a genuine, honest manner, and to offer our guests an authentic hospitality experience that comes from the heart and is derived from a place of dedication and integrity.