Our Offerings


“If we were doing something else, it wouldn’t feel right, because it’s not who we are.” - Jason Akemann, Owner - Bottleneck Management

At Bottleneck you will meet the energetic intersection between one of the most extensive craft beer selections in the country and made-from-scratch American fare. We push the envelope with our unique and refined cuisine, expertly curated line-up of microbrews, wine, and specialty cocktails, providing a culinary experience few others can match. In doing what we enjoy, our hope has always been that our guests will share in our enthusiasm. 



“Whenever somebody walks into a Bottleneck property, we want them to see a really unique, upbeat, vibrant atmosphere.” - Chris Bisaillon, Owner - Bottleneck Management

From the inception of Bottleneck, we have always aspired to create places where we would enjoy spending our free time - places that come to mind when we want to entertain our family and friends. For us, that meant an upbeat and vibrant environment where we could enjoy an unrivaled selection of craft beer, mouth-watering dining options, and an audio/visual system providing state of the art entertainment. There has been a great deal of thought and care put forth at every Bottleneck location to ensure we achieve this welcoming ambiance.


The people serving and creating our offerings pour their talent and knowledge into everything they do.  Our team isn’t just dedicated to providing delicious food and drink, but memorable experiences for our guests. Our offerings are only as good as the care we put into them, and the generosity by which we serve them. These are simple but valued ideas.