Bart Vivian

Director of Training & Development

Bart first joined the organization in 2001 when he helped open Trace, Bottleneck’s first venture, as a bartender.

He has held the roles of Boundary Manager and General Manager of both Sweetwater and South Branch. In his current role, Bart’s main areas of focus are manager and staff development, training, store policy and procedure, guest relations, and quality control. Bart’s extensive experience, philosophy, approach, and mastery of restaurant operation provide him the ability to lead Bottleneck’s management teams in a way very few people in this industry have the ability to do.

20 Years of Experience

With experience in the industry of over 20 years in seven cities across the country, most notably Chicago and Las Vegas, Bart has been a doorman, caterer, server, bartender, event planner, manager and general manager. You’ve never “seen it all” in this industry, but Bart comes close! Bart was tasked with opening Sweetwater Tavern and Grille and South Branch as the General Manager. The success at which those stores opened only proved to Bottleneck Management ownership that his managerial principles had to be leveraged across the entire organization.

Outside of Work

Bart is an avid reader across all genres. When he isn’t reading for his own pleasure, he’s reading for self improvement and leadership philosophy that he can share with the organization. Additionally, he is an accomplished illustrator, painter, and a published author. Bart and his wonderful wife Jeanne reside in Barrington and are proud parents of their daughters, Adalyn and Clara.