Angela Zoiss

Vice President of Marketing

Angela joined Bottleneck Management in January of 2010 at The Boundary and it was only a matter of time before Bottleneck Management would have a need for her education and experience in marketing.

She was promoted to Restaurant Manager of South Branch in the summer of 2011 and just 3 months later instantly became a candidate for Bottleneck’s newly created Director of Marketing position. Starting the department on her own, Angela was responsible for creating, directing and coordinating all of Bottleneck Management’s print and electronic-based marketing initiatives, including in-store promotion, graphic design, public relations, email distribution, loyalty, social media, and web content. As Bottleneck has grown, Angela has been able to hire a team of marketing professionals to help coordinate and strengten efforts. Additionally, Angela is tasked with maintaining relationships with community and charitable organizations and managing participation in fundraisers, special events, and trade shows. Her keen ability to manage all of these initiatives, coupled with her creativity, provides Bottleneck Management with an effective marketing leader to help retain existing clientele and capture new opportunity as well.


Angela graduated from The University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Graphic Design. She has held various professional sales and marketing roles, coming to Bottleneck from her position with Navy Pier. Her past experience has allowed her to gain experience in graphic/sign design, print production, project and team management, and restaurant management. That experience paralleled with hands-on restaurant experience since the age of 15 allows Angela to have a very qualified understanding and perspective into the marketing needs of Bottleneck Management and its unique venues.

Outside of Work

Angela is proud to admit that family and friends are what makes her world go ‘round and feels very fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Angela was a collegiate volleyball player and in her spare time participates in competitive volleyball leagues and tournaments. She is a graduate of the Improv Conservatory at Second City, and is currently learning to play the drums. High on her list of "loves" are laughing, seeing live music, sports, traveling, interacting with people that appreciate the littlest things, and fishing on a lake with her family - beer in hand.